A Caldic Safety Solution

Why Furex

High quality products made in Germany

We manufacture Furex products exclusively in Germany, sourcing only the highest quality raw materials, and offering the high quality assurance to customers that comes with the ‘made in Germany’ label.

Decades of experience

Since we first established the “Speziallöschpulver Furex ABC” in May 1958, have evolved into a global brand. Furex is continually benchmarking its products against the competition when it comes to development and innovation, to ensure unparalleled quality, continuity and perfection.

Cost-effective and crisis-proof

With our in-house research and development capabilities, we’ve succeeded in significantly reducing our dependency on monoammonium phosphate (MAP), the most common extinguishing agent in powder extinguishants, while simultaneously optimising certified extinguishing efficiency. As monoammonium phosphate is also a main ingredient in fertilizers, with this innovation we can guarantee our customers a cost-effective and crisis-proof product with maximum extinguishing efficiency.

Guaranteed availability

With our huge stock capacity at our production facility in Düsseldorf, we are able to ensure our customers constant availability of nearly all products throughout the year.

Continuous Research & Development

We are constantly working on new developments in order to improve our existing products and to develop new ones. These are some of the results of recent years:

In 2008, Furex ABC Spezial with 21.5% MAP was approved and given a combined 43A / 233B rating for 6kg fire extinguishers.

In 2011, we introduced Furex ABC Genius with 11% MAP and a combined 55A / 233B rating for 6 kg fire extinguishers. It is the most efficient extinguishing powder in its class worldwide.

In 2012, with Furex AFFF concentrates, we extended our product portfolio in response to market and customer demand.


In addition to individual modifications to our products, we offer consultancy services and the assistance of our experienced laboratory staff during all required approval processes.

Active support

We actively support and organize your approval activities with our experienced specialists.

Individual customizable products

We will work with you to develop tailor-made fire extinguishing solutions for your specific needs.

Customized packaging

We have standard packing types like 1,000 kg big bags and 25 kg paper bags for our powders.

Our liquid fire extinguishing agents are generally packed in 1,000 kg IBCs, 200 kg drums or 25 kg PE-cans.

On special request we are pleased to offer tailor-made packaging.


Liquid extinguishing agents were traditionally based on perfluorinated surfactants (PFOS/PFOA), but in recent years, new regulations have restricted the use of these agents. In response to these restriction, and consistent with our commitment to environmentally friendly products, we have developed a completely new range of liquid agents, significantly reducing the fluorinated surfactant content in many products, and totally eliminating it in others. We are proud to offer a product line that features high extinguishing effectiveness, full compliance with all current regulations, and unsurpassed sustainability.

Quality management

We are certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.