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Fire Extinguishing Powders

Extinguishing powder occupies an advantageous position compared to other extinguishing agents because of its instantaneous extinguishing impact and the fact that it can be used universally. Extinguishing powder can be used on a wide range of burning objects and can be handled in different types of extinguishing devices including portable fire extinguishers, mobile fire extinguishers, and stationary installations. Unlike water, dry extinguishing powder does not conduct electricity and is unaffected by cold temperatures. Furthermore, it has the advantage of easy storage and re-filling maintenance. Extinguishing powders are mixtures of solid, salt-type chemicals which are suitable for firefighting. They are expelled from the extinguisher equipment by a propellant gas which is either stored or which is released when the equipment is operated. Fire extinguishing powders are classified by their ability to extinguish specific objects and are, accordingly, divided into into a number of Fire Classes.

ABC Powder

based on the main raw materials monoammonium phosphate and ammonium sulfate

BC Powder

based on the main raw materials sodium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate

D Powder

based on the main raw material alkali chlorides and additives

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Fire Classes

Fire class A

involving solid substances, mainly organic in nature which normally burn with incandescence

Fire class B

involving liquids or substances which become liquid

Fire class C

involving gases

Fire class D

involving metals

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