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Furex ABC Genius

Furex ABC Genius

Most modern fire extinguishing powders are manufactured based on a mixture of up to 90 % monoammonium phosphate (MAP), some ammonium sulfate (AS) and various additives. In the past it was generally presumed that the fire extinguishing efficiency of powders - officially tested and approved by independent institutions and expressed in “ratings” – was higher when the MAP content in the formulation was increased. But supplies of MAP, which is a naturally occurring raw material, are under pressure because it can only be mined in a few places in the world, and demand for MAP as an important ingredient in fertilizer is continually growing. One result of these pressures has been extreme price fluctuations in the price of MAP. Several years ago, we started looking at ways to reduce the percentage of phosphate in extinguishing powders without reducing their extinguishing efficiency. If we could succeed, we would on one hand increase the availability of the material for fertilizer purposes while also providing customers with a less expensive and more reliable alternative to traditional powder extinguishants for use in their safety equipment. After several years of intensive research involving the optimisation of the powder mixtures and the application of sophisticated new grinding, particle coating, and mixing technologies, and in close cooperation with our customers, we’ve succeeded, with Furex ABC Genius, in the development a new generation of Furex fire extinguishing powders. This breakthrough powder has a MAP-content of just 11%, but its outstanding extinguishing performance is comparable to traditional powders with 90 % MAP content. With Furex ABC Genius we’ve set a new standard with a product that ticks all the boxes on both effectiveness and sustainability.

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